Cii Palestine Desk daily: Al-Aqsa_Flood – Day 101”: Mon 15 Jan 2024


Israel cuts down THIS to fund the war

Cii Palestine Desk daily wrap-up: “#Al-Aqsa_Flood – Day 101”: Mon 15 Jan 2024
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Apartheid Israel killed at least 24,100 people, injured 60,800 and destroyed 70% of houses during the last 101 days in Gaza. Over the past 24 hours, the IDF says 12 of their soldiers were killed.

Israel is looking at cutting down spending on education, health, and other areas to fund the war which is costing them over R5bn each day.

Hamas says the fate of many of the Israeli captives has become “unknown in recent weeks” due to Israeli bombardment.

Apartheid Israel’s President was drowned out with booing at a major event in Tel Aviv, as pressure mounts on the gov’t to bring back the captives alive.

Israeli forces raided the home of Nael al-Barghouti, the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner in Ramallah, who was initially arrested in 1978. Zionist forces have arrested the sisters of the Senior Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri who was assassinated by Israel on January 2nd.

Turkey released an Israeli footballer who was arrested for “inciting the public to hostility” by displaying “100 days 7/10” next to the Star of David which Turkey saw as support for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Bangladesh becomes the latest country to support SA’s ICJ case. The Colombian president says SA’s legal team deserves a Nobel Prize. Namibia’s president slammed Germany for supporting Israel at the ICJ and said Deutschland (Doych-land) failed to “draw lessons from its horrific history.” Netanyahu asserted that the ICJ would NOT stop them from continuing the war in Gaza.

China called for an “independent, fully sovereign state of Palestine” to be established on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Israel assassinated two Palestinian telecoms officials trying to restore Gaza‘s 48-hour internet outage despite the tech experts making prior arrangements.

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