Cii Palestine Desk daily: Al-Aqsa_Flood – Day 102”: Tue 16 Jan 2024


What did Trump say?

Cii Palestine Desk daily wrap-up: “#Al-Aqsa_Flood – Day 102”: Tue 16 Jan 2024
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Hamas fighters launched over 50 rockets from an area in northern Gaza declared as Hamas-free by the IDF.
Israel has redeployed an elite IDF unit from Gaza to the occupied West Bank as the situation was “spiralling”.

Qatar’s PM stressed that there would be no peace without ‘a real’ two-state solution.

Saudi’s Prince Faisal said the Kingdom would certainly recognise Israel after a resolution of the Palestinian conflict.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has called for Israeli settler organisations to be placed on “international terrorism lists” to stop them from further occupying Palestinian lands.

EXTREMIST Settlers vandalised properties and hurled rocks at Palestinian cars in various areas across the occupied West Bank.

Hamas has slammed the EU for double-standards after it added Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar to its “terrorist” sanctions blacklist.

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio presenter was sacked after she shared a report on her personal social media account about how israel used starvation as a tool of war.

Iran claims they’ve struck the headquarters of Israel’s Mossad in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

The US is sending 1,500 troops to Iraq and Syria, to fight against so-called ISIS and Iran-aligned groups in those countries.

On his campaign trail, Trump said that “Israel would never have been attacked” if he was president.

Palestine’s ambassador to UK praised SA’s ICJ case as the “first serious international effort” seeking to stop the war on Gaza.

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