About Us

Cii Radio is a ‘Waqf’ or an Endowment to the Muslim Ummah as well as being registered Non-Profit Organization.  We aim at broadcasting Islamic news and programs throughout the world.

The station’s programming reflects a desire to reach people on a different level, to broaden the horizons of all listeners. In the race for excellence, there is no finish line, and Channel Islam International’ s programming and broadcasting philosophies are testimony to that.  The content is designed to encourage listeners to think, to grow, and create an awareness of various ideologies that will assist them both on a social and spiritual level. Programming covers issues of global relevance, from finance and technology to lifestyle and infotainment. Children’s and women’s programming is also of key importance in Cii’s bouquet of services.

  • We are guided by Shariah hence we have a ‘Shurah Council’ of both South African and International Islamic Scholars.
  • Cii provides high quality Islamic content to more a million listeners worldwide.
  • Cii has a strong social media footprint with 516 000 followers on Facebook!  Besides this we have thousands on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Our Facebook following is bigger than the biggest commercial radio stations in South Africa
  • Currently our monthly listener satisfaction score is 8.81 stars and 67% on the Net Promoter Score ratings!

The brainchild of a group of South African visionaries, Cii Broadcasting is a global Islamic media brand which aims to bring about a new level of information affluence among Muslims around the world.  Cii is a diverse media brand, driven by a fresh, young company which spotted a clear and consistent gap in the global media market, especially in English language media: up until now, there has been no concerted effort to target relevant, useful information to the global Muslim community.

Over the years, Cii has been successful in giving opportunities, growing and developing some of today’s well known Muslim Radio Presenters and in this tradition, today our team is still talented, young, fresh and on the pulse of what is happening in the Islamic World.

Meet our Team:

Hfz. Imraan Ismail
– Station Manager

Qari Umar Muhammad Basheikh
– Presenter: News, Tafsir , Arabic

Ashraf Ismail
-Award Winning Motoring Journalist
on ‘Bumper to Bumper’

Zahir Bassa
-Actor, Producer,
Presenter of ‘Youmun Jadeed’

Ahmed Kajee
-Journalist and Presenter
‘Q&A with Mufti E Desai’