Cii Palestine Desk daily: Al-Aqsa_Flood – Day 95”: Tue 09 Jan 2024


”Muslim states should supply weapons to Palestinian fighters”

Cii Palestine Desk daily wrap-up: “#Al-Aqsa_Flood – Day 95”: Tue 09 Jan 2024
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US’s Blinken has suggested that Saudi normalises ties with Apartheid Israel in exchange for the promise of a Palestinian State.

After a request from the US, Israel allowed a UN delegation access to northern Gaza to assess the needs for the return of displaced Palestinians.

Jordan’s King will host Egypt’s Sisi and Palestine’s Abbas for a summit on Wednesday.

Apartheid Israel has killed 4 Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon today, in addition to killing a senior Hezbollah commander on Monday. Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister says he is open to talks with Aprtheid Israel for long-term border stability.

The illegitimate state has approved an illegal settlement plan of 695 houses in Beit Safafa which joins a spate of illegal settlement advancements in Occupied East Jerusalem over the past 3 months

The IDF admitted that another 27 Israeli soldiers were wounded in Gaza in the past 24 hours.

A group of Rabbis from Israel, North America and Europe, held a prayer at the UN for a ceasefire.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has urged Muslim states to supply weapons to Palestinian fighters.
The Israeli military has claimed to have found the largest Hamas rocket manufacturing plant in Gaza.

A home in al-Mawasi Gaza has been destroyed by Israel. This is the same Al-mawasi area that Israel guaranteed was safe.
Dozens of settlers, shielded by Israeli police, performed Talmudic rituals in Masjidul Aqsa.
Guatemala is unhappy with SA filing a genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, But Bolivia, Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and over 900 unions, political parties, and organisations have expressed their support and encouraged others to endorse it as well.
Sheikh Zayed Masjid in Gaza City has been destroyed by Israeli attacks
Haaretz, The leading Israeli newspaper wants the Aparthied state to investigate an incident on Oct 7th where witnesses say an Israeli tank fired at a house in Kibbutz Be’eri containing Hamas fighters and Israeli captives inside.

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