Mufti AK: What should be done during the second Ashara of Ramadaan


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 06 June 2017| 11 Ramadaan 1438

The days of the blessed month of Ramadaan are flying past so quickly that we already find ourselves in the second ashara of Ramadaan. We sometime find us asking ourselves, are we putting enough effort into Ramadaan, will we reach the goals we have set for this blessed month or are we doing enough ibadah to attain Allah’s pleasure. Just the other day a question was posed to Mufti AK Hoosen by a listener: What should we do in the middle 10 days of Ramadan?

Cii Radio’s Mufti AK Answers

All Praise is due to Allah, the Sustainer, Nourisher and Cherisher of the Universe.

Peace, blessings and salutations be upon our beloved Master and Leader, Nabi Muhammed SAW.

The master SAW’s Hadith mentioned in Sahih Ibne Khuzayma is that the first 10 days of Ramadan are Mercy, and the middle 10 days are Forgiveness.

But what does forgiveness mean?

It means that Allah forgives us in such a manner that it is expunged and removed from our book of deeds. This is what we called Toubah. We should beg for forgiveness from Almighty Allah. “Ya Allah Forgive Us”

Let us look at what the Quran and Hadith Teach us regarding taubah:

First Allah teaches us, “Turn to All Mighty Allah in repentance oh believers so that you are successful”. So taubah is compulsory upon each of us living today, there is no exemptions and exclusions. Secondly taubah is compulsory immediately. To procrastinate and delay is not acceptable

 What are the conditions of Taubah?

There are 5 conditions.

  1. We must have remorse and regret – “Ya Allah Your Bounties are ever recurring, showering on us, more than the drops of rain, and what did I do? What did we do? We showed our disloyalty. Ya Allah everyday, every hour, every minute we violate your laws and commandments”.We should feel guilty. The remorse should be in our hearts.
  2. The vices that we are involved in, immediately we need to detach and divorce ourselves from it – People are involved in zina (fornication, adultery), drugs, alcohol,casinos and gambling. Lets’s not forget Ribaa (Interest),pornography,films, tv, etc that people of today engage in. All these are vices and sins. There are no 2 opinions on this. All these are Haraam, including boyfriend-girlfriend activities. We need to detach and cut ourselves loose from all these evil and devilish activities, immediately. Then we are heading in the right path, otherwise we are fooling ourselves. Allah Forbid.
  3. To fulfill the rights of All Mighty Allah – He States, “I Will Forgive you”. There are conditions. You cannot persist and continue with your vices, and you know you are doing wrong. That is a condition.So let each one of us reflect, wonder and ponder, “From the time I attained puberty, from that day until today, how many Salaahs have I missed?” What are we doing about it?  Qadha of that Salaah is Compulsory. How many Siyaam Fasts for Ramadan have I missed? The day after Eid ul Fitr, we should start with the Qadha. Remember this is a myth, we need to understand. Today we feel very happy when we keep the 6 fasts of Shawaal, but we have so many compulsory fasts we have outstanding.Always give the Qadha Preference. That is what we will be questioned about.When we are up-to-date with the Qadha Salaah and Siyaam (Fasts), then we can worry about the Nafl and Sunnah. It’s a case of getting our priority right.
  4. What about  Zakaat? – How many of us can say we are up-to-date? Did we make proper hisaab (accountability and auditing) regarding the payment of Zakaat? We just pay, or we don’t pay and we don’t bother. We have a “don’t care” attitude. Remember thats Haraam. In Zakaat there must be no loopholes. Rather we should pay more Zakaat. The love for Allah will increase. The love for wealth will decrease. Then we will meet Allah, and Allah will Forgive us.
  5. Huququl Ibaad, huququl Makhlooq- The rights of Allah, and the rights of creation. We harm people,we owe people. People are fed up, they are not asking us anymore. We are not paying our debts, accounts and loans. Remember whether it is a Muslim or non-Muslim, it is absolutely Haraam. We have to settle our debts and accounts. Do so immediately.

Nabi Muhammed SAW’s hadith mentions…

  1. Even the shaheed (martyr) , All his sins are forgiven exept debts (Mishkaat)
  2. Muhammed SAW is mentioned, “Oh Allah, I seek Your Protection from blasphemy, kufr and debts. (Sunan Nasai).The Sahabah were shocked. “It’s like you have equated debts and accounts and loans with kufr and blasphemy.” Muhammed SAW said “Yes”. Imagine, to show a simple lifestyle. Don’t get involved in loans and accounts and debts without any real need. In Islam it is permissible, but frowned upon.
  3. The Hadith of Muhammed SAW. “People who have the money, but delay payment, it is zulm, oppression, transgression.” (Mishkat) We need to fulfill the rights of creation.

In Conclusion:

In Islam it isn’t only human rights. There is also rights of Animals and rights of Creation.

  • We need to ask Allah for forgiveness. We have remorse and regret
  • We detach ourselves from the vices and evil immediately
  • Fulfill rights of creator
  • Fulfill rights of creation
  • Turn to Allah with such a toubah that is “Nasooha”

Sayyidina Umar RA was asked what is “Nasoohaa”. He said when you milk a she-camel does the milk go back? They said, “No”. That is Taubatun Nasooha.

May Allah Make us of those that are forgiven forever. May we die with Imaan. May the day we meet Allah be the best day in our life. Ameen.