There’s a little girl that dreams of having a pink dress #PinkDressCampaign


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 05 June 2017| 10 Ramadaan 1438

Last year the Pink Dress Campaign brought many smiles to the faces and hearts of little boys and girls. It all began when a little girl in Gaza wished for a pink dress for Eid.

Alhumdulillah! Within hours the campaign went viral and proved to be a total success. The funds generated were used to buy Eid clothes for the many children enduring the pain and suffering in Gaza.

This Ramadaan, Pink Dress Campaign is back and we need your generous contributions to make Eid a memorable occasion for little children. The aim of  the #PinkDressCampaign is to clothe as many disadvantaged children as possible locally and abroad.

Together we can make Eid a joyous occasion for them. Every contribution will make a world of difference to their impoverished lives. Inshallah.

The campaign runs from 05 June – 20 June thus allowing enough time to purchase the clothing and hand them over to the deserving little children. Help make the pink dress Campaign a success. Contribute generously towards a bringing a smile to a little heart.

The Pink Dress Campaign FAQ

What is the campaign about?
The PDC was initiated in 2016, when a little girl in Gaza was videoed asking for a pink dress for Eid. Cii Projects adopted the PDC and launched a successful campaign that helped that little girl get her pink dress.

So, is this campaign only about Pink Dresses?
No. Only the name is called the PDC. The actual campaign is an initiative to clothe as many children as possible for Eid (both girls and boys)

Who is getting Eid clothes this years?
Predominantly children from Syria will be the recipients this year. Our affiliate abroad (Syria Relief) will purchase and distribute the Eid clothes. We will also allocate a portion of the proceeds to Gaza (through Sawaed) and kids in
South Africa (through CII Projects which will distribute in disadvantaged areas)

How much can we contribute?
Contributions start at R100 + . Tune in to cii Radio to pledge your contributions.

How do I contribute?
We are partnering with women’s forums around the country to set up cash collection sites. Keep an eye out on social media to find out about a collection point in your area. The cii Qaafilah team will also be collecting cash, so keep a look out for them in your area.

What if I am unable to get to a collection point?
You can do a direct deposit to Cii Projects. Here are the bank details:
Cii Youth Foundation-Projects
Bank: Fnb
Branch: Fochville
Acc no: 625 011 580 77
Branch Code: 250 655
Ref:Pink Lillah