An Naasiraat Women’s Forum – Spreading the Love


Allah is kind and he loves kindness in all matters (sahih bukhari)

In Middelburg kindness comes in the form of the An Naasiraat Women’s forum.

An Naasiraat, meaning The Helpers, was formed in 2003 with the help and guidance of Ml Yusuf Patel and Ml Mohammed Ali of Jamiatul Ulema Mpumalanga. An Naasiraat are currently the only Women’s forum that are affiliated to the Jamiat.

The ladies of An Naasiraat are always willing to lend a helping hand and with the kind donations from local business and individuals are able to assist and uplift many underprivileged people in the community.

Some of the projects undertaken by An Naasiraat Women’s forum are as follows:

Food Hampers
Every Friday we provide a hamper of 8/10 items of food to pensioners who have younger dependants and cannot make ends meet with pension alone. This project is sponsored by local businesses and individuals for the past 15 years

Evergreen School Vaalbank and Umhluzi Orphanage
We have adopted these two institutes and help to provide them with
*school Uniforms
*food hampers
*sanitary towels for girls

School Sandwich Drive
Children that go to school without a meal cannot concentrate in class.
We provide hunger busting sandwiches to cultivate good learners. Two Volunteers per day, are asked to make 5 loaves of sandwiches each and deliver to the school.

Qurbani Meat Distribution
The local community is requested to donate Qurbani meat which is then distributed to various orphanages, schools, and needy families

Ramadaan/Eid Hampers
Needy families receive a helping hand to make Ramadaan and Eid more pleasant

Operation Winter Warm
In conjunction with the Jamiatul Ulema, we distribute blankets to our pensioners and orphans

Ghusl classes
We have presented Ghusl classes in and around Middleburg and have printed and distributed instruction booklets on performing Ghusl for a deceased. We have also cut and distributed kafns to Maputo, Zimbabwe and Malawi

Senior Citizens Pamper Days
We have an annual get together for our most valued Mothers and treat them to lunch, massages, gifts and entertainment.

Domestic Workers Day
We had a day to honor and treat these special ladies, without whom many of us cannot function. They leave their own families and homes to come take care of ours and we feel they deserve to be acknowledged. Alhamdulillah through SANMWF, several other forums have done the same.

Meet & Greet
We see an increasing number of new faces in our community. Many of them leave their home, country and families to seek a better life here. We need to open our arms and welcome them so they become an integral part of our society. With this in mind we had a social afternoon where we invited all new residents to bring some goodies and have a cup of tea with us.

Health & Wellness Day
We have hosted medical professionals to address the community about various health issues.

Scarf and Abaya Collection
We have an ongoing collection of these islamic garb which we give to a few Malawian ladies to sell for us. We then share profits with them so we get to raise money and empower them to earn a living

Alhamdulillah we have very generous individuals and businesses who support us, but we always need more. Our annual Pre-Ramadaan Fete, and regular jumble sales generate a significant amount of much needed money to help fund our various projects.

We have also joined forces with other organizations to help various funds, namely;
*Syria Baby Formula project
*Syria Ambulance Fund
*Orphanage in Syria
*Pink Dress Campaign
* Operation Hydrate
* Local Security Wall

We also do regular outreach in local communities namely:
*Rosebuds Nazareth, toiletries, and food hampers for caregivers in the colored community
*Doornkop township National Nutrition Day. Fruit Hampers were distributed
*Mhluzi Orphanage/Clinics
*Food and bread distributed

Should you require any further information regarding An Naasirat Women’s Forum or would like to contribute towards a worthy cause feel free to call Rayhana Dadabhay on 084 583 0946