Scientists in Japan have created cyborg cockroaches


15 September 2022| 18 Safar 1444

The boffins have designed the remote-controlled insect that is intended to enter hazardous areas and undertake search and rescue missions without needing to be recharged.

The researchers from the Riken Cluster for Pioneering Research in Tokyo needed to fit some components onto tiny robotic Madagascan cockroaches to allow for the insect’s natural movements.

The scientists were able to make the robotic cockroaches turn left or right while solar panels kept the animals under control for over a month.

Dr. Masataka Sasabe, from Riken Global Communications, said: “Keeping the battery adequately charged is fundamental – nobody wants a suddenly out-of-control team of cyborg cockroaches roaming around.

“While it’s possible to build docking stations for recharging the battery, the need to return and recharge could disrupt time-sensitive missions.

“Therefore, the best solution is to include an on-board solar cell that can continuously ensure that the battery stays charged,” Sasabe said.

Imagine that! Cyborg Cockroaches now!

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