31 July 2022

Voting is under way in Senegal where the opposition is hoping that the current anger over economic hardship will help it wrestle seats away from the governing coalition which currently has more than three-quarters of the seats in parliament.

Ahead of these legislative polls there were protests after the opposition coalition’s primary list of candidates was disqualified on technical grounds.

These parliamentary elections in Senegal could well determine how much longer President Macky Sall stays in office.

He has not ruled out running for a third term in two years’ time – a move which would be hugely controversial given that the constitution has a two term limit.

Opposition coalitions have joined forces to try to weaken Mr Sall.

His critics have long accused him of stopping his political rivals from challenging him.

Ousmane Sonko and many other opposition candidates were prevented from standing in these polls – adding to political tension and anger for many Senegalese who are also struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

Source BBc


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