10 February 2022

Analysts say that the answer to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s fight against corruption lies within his own political party.

Last year, he said that critical leadership positions had been filled and there was improved cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

But analysts said that South Africa’s efforts on anti-corruption had become stagnant and that Ramaphosa had failed to deal with the party apparatus that enabled corruption.

He has anchored his presidency on two issues: the economy and an anti-corruption ticket.

But his efforts on both fronts have left many unimpressed, with the fight against graft being largely seen as having plateaued.

Of the agencies that exist, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), which probes matters following a proclamation from the president, is the only one seen to be effective.

While prosecutions boss Shamiela Batohi said that convictions took time, South Africans were becoming impatient with promises of seeing crime kingpins behind bars but none coming to fruition.

Nelson Mandela Metro University’s Ongama Mtimka said that the fight against corruption had to start with the president’s own party, where several leaders had been implicated in wrongdoing.

“Ramaphosa’s administration needs to isolate the party from the rise of crooks,” Mtimka said.

Independent analyst, Dr Ralph Mathekga, said that Ramaphosa’s position on anti-corruption had resulted in him becoming isolated amongst his own comrades.

Mathekga said that the president’s message on corruption on Thursday evening would be rallying people outside his organisation.

“He’s taken a side on corruption and is isolated within the party,” Mathekga said.

Some of the issues that Ramaphosa has to speak to include his previous promises of an increase in cooperation between agencies, the national anti-corruption advisory council and the continued commitment to act decisively against it.

Source EWN

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