1 February 2022

Two children died overnight, including a seven-day-old baby, in tented displacement camps in Syria’s Idlib province due to severe cold weather, drawing attention to the dire humanitarian condition in the region.

“When I touched her, she felt like ice,” Mohamad Al-Hassan told Al Jazeera. His seven-day-old daughter Fatima passed away overnight at the Al Rahman hospital in Idlib, which is home to millions of Syrians who have fled the decade-old war.

His family was displaced seven years ago from southern Aleppo province, before moving to the Laith displacement camp further north where they have since lived in tented settlements.

Dr Fadi Hallak of the Al-Rahman hospital said that Fatima was blue and bleeding from the nose and mouth by the time she reached the hospital. “She was born here a week ago without any complications,” Hallak told Al Jazeera. “But she, unfortunately, died because of the freezing cold in recent days.”

Freezing cold weather over the past two weeks has swept northwest Syria, where more than 4 million displaced Syrians live. About 1.7 million of these internally displaced persons (IDPs) live in tented settlements.

Source Aljazeera

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