15 February 2021

Deputy Chief Justice and state capture commission chair Raymond Zondo said the commission would approach the Constitutional Court to find former President Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court, and would request a term of imprisonment for him.

Zondo said if he allowed Zuma to defy the commission, summons and the Constitutional Court order for him to appear, he would be setting a dangerous precedent adding that everyone should be subjected to the same rules under the Constitution, and if action was not taken against him, there would be chaos because others may follow his example.

Zuma was meant to appear at the commission this morning, in line with a summons and notice that were issued after he walked out during his previous appearance without being excused last year. Meanwhile Zuma decided not to appear at the commission, saying he was waiting for a High Court application in which he challenged Zondo’s refusal to recuse himself. His notice not to appear came after the Constitutional Court ruled that he was compelled to appear, testify and remain at the inquiry until he was excused.

When the former president walked out of the commission last year, he set a series of events in motion. They include Zondo’s decision to head to the Constitutional Court to compel him to appear on dates determined by the commission as per its summons.

Adapted from EWN



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