Turkey’s National Space Program unveiled


09 February 2021

Turkey has publicized its national space program this evening. The program, Prepared by the Turkish Space Agency and revealed by President Tayyip Erdogand details  Turkey’s 10 goals and projects in space for the next 10 years.

The country aims to achieve first contact with the moon as part of its national space program in 2023 as well as send a Turkish citizen to a scientific mission in space. Under its national space program, Turkey aims to set up a regional positioning and timing system. With this regional positioning system, to be created with an innovative method through using satellites along with ground systems, Turkey will finally be able to end its foreign dependency. 

President Erdogand said “This will pave the way to develop precise navigation applications in defense, agriculture, urbanization, and autonomous vehicles,”. 

Turkey is planning to establish a spaceport while ensuring access to space, he stressed. Noting that Turkey’s geographical location is not convenient for establishing the spaceport, Erdogan said Turkey would cooperate with allied countries in the most suitable areas. Another goal of the program is to increase its competitiveness in space by investing in space weather, meteorology.

The port will allow Turkey to boost its efficiency in astronomical observations and follow-up of space objects from the Earth.

Adapted from original source TRTworld