21 May 2019| 15 Ramadaan 1440| Arab News

Saudis are volunteering in Makkah to help pilgrims, dealing with their health issues and any other requirements they may have so their Umrah can be performed with ease.

Doctors, teachers, engineers and government employees are among those giving their time and energy during the holy month of Ramadan to help the millions of Muslims who are in Makkah.

The head of Nabad, a volunteer group, said that medical professionals and other specialists were focusing on nationals and residents through events in malls, hospitals and health centers.  

“Nabad has contributed to promoting knowledge among members of civil society and focused on serving widows, divorcees, low-income people, people with special needs and the elderly through events carried out in conjunction with government bodies,” Dr. Yasser Al-Sharif told Arab News.


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