The World’s first Quraan Park opens in Dubai


01 April 2019| 24 Rajab 1440

Al Quran Park was officially opened in Al Khawaneej in Dubai on Friday.

The 60-hectare park, which is free to enter, aims to bridge cultural differences in this Year of Tolerance and educate visitors about Islam and the Holy Quran.

The park have all available plants mentioned in the Holy Quran along with facilities such as an attractive main entrance, an administration building, an Islamic garden, children’s play areas, Umrah corner, an outdoor theatre, areas for showing the miracles of the Quran, fountains, bathrooms, a glass building, a desert garden, a palm oasis, a lake, a running track, a cycling track and a sandy walking track.

Another notable features however are the 12 Islamic gardens, which house 54 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran, such as fig, pomegranate, olive, corn, leek, garlic, onion, lentil, barley, wheat, ginger, pumpkin, watermelon, tamarind, seders, vineyards, bananas, cucumbers and basil.

The park has solar panels, wifi and phone charging stations, as well as shaded seating areas.

There are also kiosks to display information about the plants and their use in food and medicine as mentioned in verses of the Quran. Although the park is free to enter the Caves of Miracles and Glass House cost Dh10 to enter.