26 July 2018|12 Dhul Qa’dha 1439|Saudi Gazette

As many as 72,037 people and 30,449 vehicles were turned back from various entry points to Makkah as of Friday as the security authorities intensified their campaign to stop unauthorized entry into the holy city ahead of Haj.

The ban on the entry of unauthorized people to Makkah began on July 9 and will be in force till the end of Haj.

Only three categories of expats are being allowed to enter Makkah. They are the holders of Haj permits, those with Iqamas (residence permits) issued from Makkah, and those having permits to work during Haj season.

The Emirate of Makkah said on its Twitter account that 5,933 vehicles and 710 people were turned back from the Taneem check post near Aysha Mosque in Makkah.

The Buhaitia check post near Sayl in Taif prevented 626 unauthorized vehicles and 1,202 people from entering Makkah.

The security authorities are carrying out inspections around the clock at checkpoints located at Shumaisi new and old, Kakiah, Sharayah to prevent the entry of unauthorized people.

Permits to work in Makkah and holy sites during Haj season have been issued through web portal this year.


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