Bizarre fish with “human teeth” shocks villagers in Indonesia


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail|06 April 2018| 19 Rajab 1439

A bizarre fish with “human teeth” has shocked villagers in Indonesia. The bucked-toothed creature, thought to be an emperor fish, was caught in the town of Kimindores, in the West Papua region of the south east Asian country.

The mysterious fish was caught by a school teacher who then handed it to baffled pupil Ahmad Seseray.

Ahmad was astonished to find the sea beast had square molar-type gnashers similar to those found in meat-chomping humans.

The viral clip shows the boy parading the dead fish to the cameras as his family expresses their shock at the discovery.

Ahmad’s mum, Hadijah told of the moment she found the unusual teeth inside the creature, reports The Mirror.

She said: “I opened the mouth of the fish and looked carefully and my son was right, the fish had large teeth that were similar to the structure of human teeth.

“Many people who came to hear the information of the discovery of a fish that has teeth similar to human teeth.”

The family decided the freeze the fish instead of feasting on its meaty flesh.

Source – The Sun