Egyptian son clears the air following death of elderly mother


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail|18 September 2017|27 Dhul Hijjah 1438

Egyptian family speaks out after son was accused of beating mother to death

Zeinab as-Sayyid Mahfouz, the elderly Egyptian woman who was reportedly beaten to death by her own son to please his wife, actually died of a brain clot.

Rajaa al-Araby, Zeinab’s oldest daughter, told that her mother was 85 years old and not 81 as it was initially claimed.

Zeinab died in El-Mabarra Hospital in Port Said after suffering from a brain clot, Rajaa said, adding that her brother is completely innocent and has nothing to do with their mother’s death.

Rajaa also noted that her late mother always praised her daughter-in-law for treating her well, adding that the campaign which was launched on social media to demand punishing her brother aimed to harm her family.

According to the daughter, Zeinab, who’s been living with her son and his wife for years, was admitted to hospital on September 13 and died on September 15.

Her family members visited her and looked after her in the hospital until she passed away.

Asked about the bruises on her late mother’s eyes, Rajaa said that when her mother suffered from the clot, she collapsed to the ground and her eyeglasses broke and bruised her eyes.