Ruling on Freemasonry Movement and it’s sister organisations


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 04 September 2017| 13 Dhul Hijjah 1438

Resolutions of the Islamic Fiqh Council during Its First Session Held between 10 -17 Sha’ban 1398H

The First Resolution on Freemasonry and Affiliation with It

All Praise be to Almighty Allah. Blessings and peace be on His Prophet Muhammad(saw)  whom there is no prophet, and on all those who followed his guidance.

The Islamic Fiqh Council during its 1st session held in Makkah Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia between 10-17 Sha’ban 1398H discussed the Freemasonry and those who associate with it. It also discussed the ruling of Islamic Shari’ah concerning it.

The members of the Council made a detailed study about this dangerous organisation and its literature written by its own members and leading personalities as well as other old and new publications about it, and arrived at the following conclusions:

1. Freemasonry is a secret society, concealing or revealing itself, according to the circumstances of time and place.

However, its real principles are based on secrecy in all
circumstances. They are not known even to its members except those who have reached its higher ranks after passing through various experiences.

2. It builds the relationship of its members in all parts of the world on superficial basis in order to dupe simple-minded people. It pretends to establish a human fraternity among those who join it, without differentiation between various ideologies, creeds or religions.

3. It attracts important people to its organisation and lures them through the temptation of personal benefits, on the basis that each member of the organisation is supposed to help other members anywhere in the world with their needs and problems and support them to achieve their aims if they have any political ambition. This is the greatest temptation through which, they attract influential people in the society. It also receives financial contributions from them.

4. Affiliation to this organisation is based on ceremonial entry of the new member under certain norms by which a new member is threatened in case he violates the instructions or orders issued to him through the senior ranks.

5. The simple-minded members are left free to practise their own religious rites, while the organisation benefits from them to the extent of their utility, keeping them in lower ranks. On the other hand, apostates or those who show readiness for apostasy are promoted gradually to the higher ranks in the light of the member’s experiences and frequent tests that show their ability to serve its dangerous plans and principles.

6. It has certain political aims and has been involved overtly or covertly in some major military coups and political changes in the world.

7. In its origin and essence, this organisation has Jewish roots and it is controlled secretly by a higher worldwide Jewish fraternity and management. All its activities are of a Zionist outlook and nature.

8. In its real aims, it is an attack and attempt to destroy all religions. It undermines them in general and aims at tarnishing the religion of Islam in particular in the eyes of its followers.

9. It is always keen to select its members from the people who enjoy the outstanding academic, social, political, financial or any other status, so that it can effectively exploit their influence in their respective societies. That is why it is so keen to attract persons such as kings, presidents, ministers and senior government officials.

10. It has many branches that take different names in order to deceive and direct the people’s attention away from it. This way, it can carry out its activities under different names if it is met with resistance to the name of Freemasonry in certain environments. The branches which work under different names are most prominently known as Lions, Rotary Clubs and other outfits which harbour the sinister aims and activities that are totally against the foundations of Islam.

It has become very clear to the Islamic Fiqh Council that there is a strong relationship between Freemasonry and the International Zionist Movement. That is why it was able to control the activities of many officials in the Arab and non-Arab countries, especially with regard to the issue of Palestine, obstructing their crucial roles for this great cause in the favour of Jews and International Zionist Movement.

For this and other detailed information about the sinister aims and activities of Freemasonry, the Islamic Fiqh Council asserts and resolves that Freemasonry is one of the most dangerous organisations which aim at the destruction of Islam and Muslims, and that whoever associates with it, knowing its reality and objectives is an unbeliever.

However, Dr. Mustafa Al-Zarqa, member of the Council is of the opinion that we add the sentence (believing in its permissibility) between the phrase (knowing its reality and objectives) and (is an unbeliever) so that the wording is harmonious with the Shari’ah ruling to differentiate between one who commits a major sin believing that his act is permissible and one who commits such a sin without believing it to be permissible, hence the former is an unbeliever (Kafir) and the latter is a disobedient (Fasiq).

Abdullah Ibn Humaid
President, Supreme Judicial Council
Saudi Arabia
Deputy Chairman
Muhammad Ali Al-Harakan,
Secretary-General, Muslim World League

Late Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Baz, General President, Research, Ifta, Da’wah and Guidance
Muhammad Mahmood Al-Sawwaf
Saleh Ibn Othaimeen
Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al-Subaiel
Muhammad Rasheed Qabbani
Mustafa Al-Zarqa
Muhammad Rasheedi
Abdul Quddoos Al-Nadvi
Abu Bakr Joomi

Lajnatul-Ulama – Council of Muslim Jurists, South Africa
*11 Dhul Hijjah 1438*
*02 September 2017*
*Saturday يوم السبت*