Don’t wait till Eid morning to discharge your fitrah


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 01 June 2017| 06 Ramadaan 1438

Zakaah al fitrah is a charity that is discharged preferably before the day of Eid ul Fitr. Eid is a special occasion and the giving of fitrah to the needy ensures that they also have a wonderful day. However, very often we find that we don’t know who to give our fitrah to. Luckily there’s SANZAF and Operation Fitrah.

Operation Fitrah is one of the vital annual relief projects undertaken by SANZAF. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that every Muslim is free from want on the auspicious day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Alhamdulillah! The campaign has shown significant growth in both magnitude and effectiveness over the past 41 years.

This year SANZAF will distribute more than R5 million in nutritional food, fresh produce and canned goods at the end of Ramadan. Approximately 23 000 families across South Africa will be helped on the day of Eid–ul-Fitr.

The success of the project is based on an interactive approach, which includes planning and networking with individuals and groups that enable SANZAF to accomplish goals that could not be achieved alone, but most importantly, it is your zakaah and fitrah contributions to SANZAF that makes it possible for this campaign to continue bringing smiles to the faces and hearts of many needy people in the community.

SANZAF encourages the Muslim community to pay their fitrah early in order for it to reach the intended recipients on time.

Below is an image of this year’s confirmed fitrah amounts.