Report: Plans to divide Syria serve Israel’s interests


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 02 May 2017| 05 Shabaan 1438

The Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs, headed by former Israeli Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Dore Gold, said the document dubbed the “Houran Charter” which was signed by figures from southern Syria who are currently residing in Istanbul constitute an indirect development that serves the interests of Israel.

The centre noted that the establishment of an independent region that includes Dara’a, Jabal Druze and Quneitra is one of the best options that could result from the comprehensive settlement of the conflict in Syria.

“If the Houran Charter is implemented, the chances of southern Syria turning into a threat against Israel, whether through the presence of Iran and Hezbollah, or through the concentration of jihadists, will be greatly reduced,” the centre said.

The centre said the implementation of the Houran Charter is a common interest for both Israel and Russia, since the agreement to designate territories is a practical division of Syria.

The center claimed that Russia is already in contact with the Kurds in northeastern Syria to establish an independent Kurdish region, pointing out that the Russians are only interested in maintaining Damascus and the coastal areas under the control of Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad because their interests are located in that region.

Source – MEMO