Duas requested for injured Da’ee – Uncle Baloo


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 30 January 2017| 01 Jamadul Ula 1438

Well known Da’ee Baloo Mohammed Moosa, otherwise known as uncle Baloo, underwent surgery and is currently in hospital following an unfortunate accident that occurred on Sunday resulting in serious injuries.

Uncle Baloo was engaging in Street Dawah in Atteridgeville Pretoria, when robbers tried to steal his car battery. Moosa gave chase but was run over by the robber’s vehicle.

Uncle Baloo suffered broken legs and ribs as well as damage to his collar bone and had to undergo surgery on Sunday afternoon.

An amazing human being and a man of excellent aklaaq, Uncle Baloo used his own time, resources and initiatives to do dawah and promote the Deen of Islam.

May Allah grant Uncle Baloo Shifa Kamilaa and may he be an inspiration to us all to endeavor to do the work of deen. Ameen