Cryopreservation: Islamic Perspectives


All media is discussing the story now about the girl of 14 who died last month from terminal cancer and who won through the court the right to freeze her body(Cryopreservation) , hoping one day the scientists through new technology will bring her body back to life?

No doubt this young sick girl is representing the innate natural desire which is present in every one of us :
to come back to life !

Islam and the other 2 Abrahamic faiths: Judaism and Christianity) have promised us before that we all will come back to life after death : body and soul but only on the Day of Judgment .

Please allow us to put these Islamic divine facts regarding life and death in general so one can judge clearly if this girl can come surely back to life through a new technology and after been frozen and following her death?

-GOD is the Creator of every one’s life
-Man was created in the best design and mould
-He starts every human life and He only ends one’s life through natural death.
-Life is sacred ,this is why :Assisted suicide/Euthanasia and suicide and the killing of the innocent unborn child through abortion are forbidden in the basic Islamic holy Scriptures.
It is not allowed also to kill: children, women, Christians/people of other faiths and civilians who are not fighting you or in war with you.
-Every one of us dies every night in his/her sleep when the soul leaves the body and is back to life in the morning , as the soul returns to the body ,if GOD wants you to live more and as planned by Him before.
Some people never wake up and die in their sleep as fixed by GOD before.
-When any one of us dies, the soul leaves the body and waits(frozen) in a special place till the Day of Judgment , when every one of us will be back to life: body and soul , to face questioning by GOD about his/her deeds and actions during his/her life.
-it is an order in Islam to bury QUICKLY the dead body ;

Many Muslims do raise their concerns when there is any delay in burying their loved one’s especially because of post-mortem!

So freezing a dead Muslim body is a violation of this Islamic rules and a loss of dignity to the dead person.

Only GOD Almighty(not the scientists) will bring any one back to life after death ;

However we have to mention that Jesus (peace be upon him) has brought a dead person back to life before by the Will of GOD and as mentioned in the final holy Book: AL QUR’AN;
All Muslims believe too that Jesus will come back alive (body and soul) to our planet before the Day of Judgment.
Also in the Qur’an ,there is the story in chapter 18:The CAVE(AL QAHF) about few youths who were suspended in animation(like hibernation/deep sleep) for over 300 years inside the CAVE, then GOD Almighty brought them back to life after: bodies and souls.

In Islam, for every disease there is a cure except old age , as stated by the final Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him);

These are the beliefs of 1600 million Muslims in the world.

We have all basic Islamic references for these Islamic Ethical medical facts;
However it is important for Muftis and Muslim scholars in the Muslim world to debate this new ethical issue and give the proper Islamic official Fatwa/ruling.

One more thing to add:
Biologically and physiologically : all the cells in our bodies and organs are Programmed by our Creator to function only during a fixed life span of the person.

Obviously we are with all medical sciences and technologies and development, but divine ethics are needed always and today more in order to follow the right safe practical effective blessed medical procedures in a lot of medical ethical issues !

Unfortunately these pseudoscientists , who use pseudoscience and are ignorant and with no proper or sure religious beliefs.

and knowledge have misguided the media and some vulnerable people and are trying to “suck” their money for impossible goal and false dream with no real hope and no logical evidences!
It is Just wishful thinking and clear science fiction!

What a waste of money and waste of time and waste of intelligence!
Doctors and scientists should use their talents and times in finding the causes of many cancers and diseases
and work on prevention!

Reference article:Teenager cancer victim 14 British child cryogenically frozen winning court battle against father  click here 

Photo File : The Cylinder to freeze a dead body

Writer – DR A MAJID KATME(MBBCH,DPM) [Ex-President: Islamic Medical Association/UK
Weekly TV/Radio Presenter]