Do Halaal authorities empower Muslim Businesses?


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 28 October 2016| 26 Muharram 1438

Wednesday nights are synonymous to Global dynamics.

As always the show hosted by Cii Radio’s Inayet Wadee tackles pertinent global issues affecting the Muslim ummah and analyising these issues from different angles.

This week was no different, with a special broadcast focusing on the integrity and empowerment of Muslim businesses, the shift from United Muslim Butchery As well as the authenticity surrounding the halaal certification of Famous brands.

With the Muslim world booming rapidly with economic development accompanied by a growth in population, it has impacted tremendously on the halaal market throughout the world. SA and the halaal industry have emerged as a leader in the halaal food industry.

Certain issues have arisen now that Famous brands will now not be supplied by United Muslim Butchery after a long standing service of approximately 17 years.

Where does the ummah fit in the bigger picture on the halaal front? Are halaal authority’s empowering Muslim businesses? How does SANHA fit in all of this? How does this impact the consumer?

Cii Radio’s Inayet Wadee tackled this issue. Asking the questions the listeners want answers to.

Amongst the panel of guests were Abdul Razak Mia (United Muslim Butchery), Hafez Moorad Bullay (NIHT),a number of franchisees, Ebrahim Patel(Minara Chamber), Ebrahim Patel(ex CEO of West Bank Islamic finance) as well as a SANHA representatives Moulana Navhlaki and Mufti Mohammed Seedat.

United Muslim Butchery has taken a major setback and has had to retrench a number of workers due to the loss of business after Famous Brands has shifted business away from the company to their own after a service of 17 years. With regard to Muslim economic empowerment Abdul Razak Mia said “Some sort of checks and balances need to be in place.” He urged the certification authorities to look at the pros and cons of certifying businesses.

“Abdul Razak Mia: we grow, the community grows”

When asked how the change impacts the franchisee, Azhar Cassim said “given assurance by SANHA that everything was in order, it was not taken lightly. Concerned committee members embarked on an investigation – upon investigation it was noted that Famous Brands Distribution Center and after analyzing different departments within Famous brands, the committee was satisfied that Famous Brands are meeting all requirements.”

As a halaal committee member “Our responsibility is to ensure we the franchisee are supplying halaal products to our customers and we can assure our customers that famous brands is under SANHA supervision and we are receiving halaal products.”

The show ended off with a discussion with SANHA, who now certify the Famous brands products, following the decision by famous brands to now manufacture their own products.

SANHA sympathizes with Abdul Razak that he has lost famous brands as a client. The representatives said that SANHA is not a business organization and that all decisions by SANHA are based on the premise of deen and merit, as to whether the criteria of halaal are fulfilled or not.

Listen to 26-10-16 – Special Broadcast – click here –Do Halaal Authorities Empower Muslim Businesses?