Islamic Relief Statement on Cleric Nakshanawi


In light of the recent issue circulating on social media with Islamic relief and the Shia Historian by the name of Sayyid Ammar Naqshawani- Please see Press Release. Click Here statement-on-cleric-nakshanawi_v2

Below is a complaint that was doing the rounds on social media:
Islamic relief has a lecture which was done in Ramadan with a Shia Historian by the name of Sayyid Ammar Naqshawani….This man a few days ago has attacked and degraded the first 2 Khalifah namely Sayyiduna Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Umar bin Khattab…..
Shaykh Asrar from UK has challenged him on his claims and he as yet to respond….

Islamic relief needs to answer for there association with this vile man and they need to be held to account..Are we giving our zakat to an organisation that will stand with personalities that are so vile???

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