Will You be part of the 313?


    The battle of Badr took place on the 17th of Ramadaan,313 brave and equipped Sahaba (RA) sacrificed their lives for Islam.

    If they did not win, we might have not been here today. We are not in the time of the Sahaba (RA) but today in our time,we CAN make a change.

    We at Cii Radio are reaching out to you to kindly support our Dawah efforts with a contribution of just R313 today. Join us as we stand up against injustice,oppression and corruption.

    Together, lets continue to take Islam to the world and earn eternal rewards in the process.

    Bank details

    Account Holder: Cii Radio

    Account number: 626 0291 2413

    Bank: FNB

    Type: Cheque Account

    Branch Code: 250056

    Reference: Cell no + Badr