KZN GOVT worried that crime impacting on investment in the province


30 August 2023| 13 Safar 1445

The KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) government has expressed concerns that the crime rate in the province is taking a toll on its economy.

Officials say there’s been a decrease in investments due to the amount of criminal activity taking place in various parts of the province.

On Tuesday, the KZN government held a multi-sectoral engagement with various stakeholders to discuss an action plan to tackle crime in the province.

The provincial government claims that it was sharpening its tools in a bid to address the crime levels.

In the meantime, things are not looking good on the economic side.

Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube said that crime was affecting investment in the province.

“Crime is not just a violation of the laws of our country, it is a source of pain, it is a source of suffering, it is also a source of hunger, instability and social and economic disinvestment that we have seen in our province – because of crime.”

Recently, the province has recorded a series of shootings that resulted in the deaths of local politicians.

The provincial government, however, believes it will someday be able to silence the guns in the province.

Source – EWN News