12-04-20 Friction-less Family


Friction-less Family With Edris Khamissa

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Values as heard on Cii Radio with uncle Idris Khamissa – tune in daily 16:30

Spiritual values: Having strong believes, Tawqa, being humble, forgiving, relying upon Allah, Fear of Allah, being hopeful, being submissive

Relationship values: respect for others, being compassionate, being merciful, being caring, thoughtful, being kind, being helpful, Being generous, being gracious

Character values: Being honest, being loving, being faithful, trustworthy, being financially ethical, being patient, being obedient, being reliable

Lifestyle values: how you spend your time each day, work ethic, having a mission mindset, to not have an emphasis on material things

Personal development values: Health, eating right foods, concern about intellectual development, Personal development Skills, getting a hobby, Dynamic Talks

Family values: the commitment to your spouse, commitment to each member of the family, giving grandparents and relatives importance they deserve

Civic and cultural values: be law-abiding, socially-minded, sense of Islamic ethos