Matric results are just one milestone in the long journey of life…

Special message from Darul Ihsan Centre to all matriculants
Matriculants will receive the results of their final exams, drawing an end to their schooling career.
The completion of this momentous task is indeed an achievement and a stepping stone for the future.
However, not all learners will achieve the success they desired and many will be despondent with their results, feel hopeless – even depressed!
Successes, disappointments and failures are a reality of life and should be seen as a learning curve – a new beginning, to move forward rather than succumbing to a feeling of loss or sadness.
Have faith that tomorrow will offer hope, present new and better opportunities, even if you feel sad or depressed for a few days due to bad results.
In Surah Duha the Qur’an teaches us “What is coming is better than what has passed.”
Millions of people around the world go about their business in positive, unique ways and, with effort, achieve success in broad, varied and unlikely fields. It is your conviction in the Power of Almighty Allah and your faith that takes you to the next level. 
Any setback should be viewed as an opportunity for development and growth.  Persevere, strengthen your resolve, pick yourself up and move forward – there is no point in looking back!
Studies, careers and jobs are just vehicles to help us to realise our purpose of life and the value of time – to recognise the Being who has given us our life. Our main test is to be able to develop the capacity to please our Merciful Creator and live a life of obedience and guidance. 
Instead of pressure, parents and family are encouraged to play a supportive role. Sometimes parents or family cause untold misery, stress and despondency by their negative comments or attitude. This is very detrimental and could result in regret ultimately.
May all be guided to realise our potential and our true goals. We should never let anyone or anything deter us from preserving our life and achieving our goals for the pleasure of the Almighty.
If you are feeling despondent and need to speak to someone who’ll “lend you an ear” and be supportive, kindly call our Centre and request to speak to our Social Department in complete confidence. Call 031 577 7868 or 031 207 4749 (Office hours).
By Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre