Cii Projects Travel Diary: Day 1

Director of The Prosthetic Limb Clinic
Cii Projects Update : Humanitarian trip to Turkey/Syrian Border with Hafez Yousuf Manack, Brother Atiqur Rahmaan, Brother Iklaaq Mohammad, Brother Adil Ismail and Brother Faizel Patel
21 June 2019 : Day 1 of The CII Projects Syria Humanitarian Aid Mission
Prosthetic Limb Clinic
I am on my second mission to deliver some much needed aid on behalf of our donors. I will be along the Turkey/Syria border over the next 4 days as I assist refugees and bring you their stories.
After an arduous day of travel we began our work this morning, we left Antakya and made our way to Reyhanli. Here we once again visited the prosthetic limb clinic, I was met with a surprise as to how many refugees were waiting to be treated. We encountered many more then last time and I was stunned to see how many refugees had lost their limbs since then, we renewed our mission to assist as many as possible with the fitting of prosthetic limbs to ease their mobility.  
The Prosthetic Limb Clinic
Director of the Prosthetic Limb Clinic
Interview with Brother Abdul Kareem
We had an interview with Abdul Kareem who is a Syrian Refugee from Ghouta ,he came to Reyhanli in March 2018 and was a victim of the incessant bombing that took place. Abdul Kareem has lost both his right hand and right leg. When the bombs rained down he was with friends and all of them had lost their lives.  When asked how he copes without his limbs this was his response:  *It’s the (worst) situation ever as I have to ask people to help me and at times I can see they feel like I’m a burden to them. He is a patient at the prosthetic limb clinic and hopes by fitting in the new limbs he can become more independent. 
A picture from the back of brother Abdul Kareem who lost his right hand and left leg in a bomb blast in Ghouta
Interview 2 with Brother Barakah
The second Syrian Refugee I got to speak to was brother Barakah who is also from Ghouta. He was also a victim of the bomb blasts that took place, he recently got fitted with prosthetic limbs on his arms.  The limb he had fitted were infused with new technology, it’s a smart limb that connects to the nerves in the arm which allows the arm to make more real-limb like movements. This allows greater mobility and independence to amputees.  I was asking him about the loss of his arm and asked him to describe the pain this was his response: I can’t explain the pain because it was unbearable and I used to pass out from pain.
Prosthetic limb on Brother Barakat learning to walk
After our work at the prosthetic clinic we went to the Syria Relief offices in Antakya, we met Mohammed Sabat working there. It was emotional meeting him he showed us recent footage of 3 of his friends who were killed on the ground 3 days ago. This footage brought us to tears and reinforced the reality of the horror and desperation that Syrian refugees are facing. The video will follow tomorrow. 
Where they make the prosthetic limbs (the workshop)
We have completed our first day and we continue tomorrow with distributions in Antakya. 
Measuring room for prosthetic limbs
Dear readers, this war has claimed many Syrian lives and unleashed untold suffering and loss. To interview and encounter people fleeing from untold atrocities and attempt to assume a sense of normality is not easy but I bring you their stories in the hope we can be make a difference in their lives. Remember to continue your duas for all those affected by war and tragedy. 
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