27 May 2019| 21 Ramadaan 1440| Saudi Gazette

The Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has supplied the Grand Mosque with 10,000 new Zamzam containers, according to Makkah daily.

The new containers have increased their number in the Grand Mosque to more than 25,000.

These containers are filled with the blessed Zamzam water every day for the use of the Umrah pilgrims, worshipers and visitors.

There are also about 650 fixed marble stations and 216 steel tanks in the Grand Mosque from where the pilgrims and visitors may drink the blessed water.

A number of the presidency staff are also serving Zamzam water in the mataf area, walkways and other prayer places.

The new containers are of high quality and keep the water cool in all weather conditions.


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