29 April 2019| 23 Shabaan 1440| Middle East Monitor

Palestinian history is being wiped out in school text books through the Judaisation of the Arab curriculum, the Arab League warned in a meeting this weekend.

During the Palestinian Children Educational Affairs Council meeting, Assistant Secretary-General for Palestine and Arab Territories, Ambassador Said Abu-Ali, said education is the most important type of resistance so Israeli occupation authorities are working to undermine it.

Israel is working to impose its syllabus on Palestinian students in Jerusalem in order to erase the Palestinian identity, it also bans new schools from being set up in Arab areas and existing schools from being renovated.

The Arab League official said that this plan aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause and put pressure on the Palestinians to accept a peace plan which offers them far less  than the two-state solution.

The 80th meeting of the Palestinian Children Educational Affairs Council launched yesterday in the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss ways to support and develop the educational process in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as the educational institutions run by UNRWA in the Arab host countries, and the agency’s role in developing and providing financial support to the curricula and training to suit the fast tech changes.


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