Is the Palestinian/Israeli ‘Two State Solution’ Dead?


10 April 2019| 04 Shabaan 1440| Staff Reporter

Israel under the tenure of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making bold moves in the Middle East.

 Israel has seen an expansion of its sovereignty over the Golan heights and also it’s declaration of Al-Quds as it’s capital a year ago.  Netanyahu and Israel have been aided by strong support from the Trump regime and the US, in achieving increasing sovereignty over these Arab lands. 

Netenyahu has already claimed that if he wins the 2019 elections, he will move to annex the West Bank.  At the time of writing this article, reports confirm the likelihood of Netanyahu’s fifth term as Israeli Prime Minster.

The western news media is abuzz with speculation of what would happen if Israel were to annex the West Bank. 

The next few weeks and months will be tense for the Palestinian people as they continue lose their much loved homeland, whilst the Arab leaders in the Middle East look on and build even stronger ties with Israel.