24 October 2018|14 Safar 1440

Cii Projects Update: Humanitarian trip to Bangladesh with Hafez Yousuf Manack, Brother Atiqur Rahmaan, Brother Ikhlaaq Muhamed and Brother Haytham

23 October 2018

Today our team returned to the Kutupalong and Jadimora camps to resume our hamper distribution and survey the water well project so the Rohingyians could have access to clean water.


Our third day into the refugee camps commenced early this morning, I was excited because a project the Cii team and I had been working on was finally coming to fruition. 3 months ago, back in South Africa we embarked on a mission to open water wells in the refugee camps.

Alhamdulilah, we managed to raise sufficient funds to open 15 wells, I surveyed the areas we were to open the wells in Kutupalong. Through the generosity of our donors 3 wells have already been started and will soon provide clean drinking water that is desperately needed.

A walk around the camp reiterated the need for clean water, I observed many filling water from a nearby pond. The water was green and clearly unhygienic and many refugees have no choice but to use it for drinking, cooking and washing up.

I was very concerned about drinking contaminated water as it poses severe health risks, but the need for water is very dire at the moment.

We had a long walk ahead of us we walked up and down hills, it was sweltering day combined with oppressive humidity. I was on the brink of collapse and had to summon every inch of strength to motivate myself to keep walking.

Again, I reminded myself of the oppression and desperation of the Rohingyas around me, they had walked over 60km with their worldly possessions to flee the violence in Myanmar. We had walked 12 kms to our first water well. This was going to become the very first well opened by Cii Projects .

The well is 460 feet deep and water would be pumped into a 8 foot long tank which will hold at least 5000 litres of water. I was grateful and relieved that our efforts will provide fresh drinking water very soon to the refugees.

Our walk continued as we were shown the allocation for all the Cii Projects water wells. InshAllah the project will be completed in the next 2-3 months. After a few tiring climbs up and down hills, I was given the honour of digging the next well.

This well will be dug to 400-600 feet or until fresh water is found, your continued support for this initiative will be greatly appreciated.

After sorting through the logistics of the water wells we made our way to Jadimora for food and hamper distribution.

I was unsettled from witnessing the refugees drinking contaminated water earlier, I was also told this is the reason that 70% of people in the camps were infected with skin diseases. Every single day I walk through these camps my heart breaks over the desperate situation unfolding in front of me.


After the difficulty we endured yesterday I entered the Jadimora camp with fervent dua that todays distribution would be easier. I was also hoping we wouldn’t turn anyone away. To my surprise a line already started forming even before we began distribution of the food.

The hampers today consisted of 1kg rice, 0,5 kg of curry and meat and 0,5kg of vegetables. These food items were all packaged and ready to be given out.

Similar to yesterday the ticket system was again in place. A ticket was allocated per person for receipt of the hamper.

The one thing I noticed that made my heart ache was that the elderly avoided eye contact when they were given their tickets for food.

They felt ashamed and would hurriedly take their hamper because they felt their izzat (dignity) was lost by asking for food. To see the elderly in such a situation brings me to tears and I make dua Allah (SWT) grants them ease.

Alhamdulilah, I was immensely relieved that every single person in the line was given a hamper. There was no chaos or riots today as we managed to assist everyone who had come for the food distribution. Most importantly, not a single person was turned away. Allahu Akbar!

Once again I want to reiterate, the situation for the Rohingyians in the refugee camps is dire. They are in desperate need of your assistance and duas. Most importantly we need to be grateful to Allah for every single one of His favours upon us.

Our work continues tomorrow, as we visit shelters and distribute food and hampers.


To Donate generously towards the families survival supplies.

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