More than 32,500 employees providing health services for Hujjaaj


16 August 2018|04 Dhul Hijjah 1439|Al Arabiya

The number of people providing health and emergency services for Hajj pilgrims has crossed 32,579 personnel, of which 9,216 are women from Saudi Ministry of Health, Saudi Red Crescent, and employees from the General Authority for Food and Drug administration, in addition to the workforce from the security and military sectors, according to a statement from the General Organization for Statistics published by the Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday.

There will be more than 959 medical teams providing their services for Hajj pilgrims.

Health services include open heart surgeries, cardiac catheterization, renal and peritoneal dialysis, and gastrointestinal endoscopy, as well as deliveries and others.

There will be 25 operational hospitals in Mecca and the Holy Sites, prepared with more than 4,814 medical beds, in addition to 153 medical centers prepared with all medical and emergency needs.

More than a 100 field teams will spread in all Holy Sites, with a 100 small ambulance cars and 80 big ones fully equipped.

Ministry of Health hospitals have performed 142 cardiac catheterization surgeries, 9 open heart surgeries, 761 hemodialysis, 39 binocular operations, and 568 surgeries from July 14 till August 12.

Saudi Red Crescent deployed 127 emergency centers, 361 ambulance cars, 20 motorbikes, and more than 2,867 people to work in the ranges of Mecca and Medina.

Health services will not only be through regular ambulance cars, it will also have Saudi air ambulance, motorcycles, specialized fast-response teams, and field teams in the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque and the surrounding areas.

All of these teams will be working 24/7 until the last day of the Hajj season, which will be August 26.