Meet Pakistan’s first blind judge who found strength in his disability


28 June 2018|14 Shawaal 1439|Al Arabiya

Yousaf Saleem, who has been sworn in as Pakistan’s first blind judge, has come a long way in overcoming disability to get ahead in life.

Saleem was a gold medalist during his graduation from Punjab University in 2014 and then practiced law for two years before applying to become a civil judge.

“I was among the 21 lucky who passed out of the 6,500 applicants. I topped in the written part of the exam and after going through the psychological interview stages I was selected,” says Saleem.

Screen-reading software
Saleem uses screen-reading software, using which one can listen to whatever is appearing on the screen through voice feedback and text to speech.

“Obviously it’s a milestone and I’m very proud and happy that I got a chance for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a blind person is going to work as a civil judge,” he says.

However, besides being proud of what he has achieved, he also cautious about the challenge ahead. “I feel like it’s a very happy point in my life but also a huge responsibility on my shoulders,” he says.