Saudi website publishes poem insulting Erdogan after his election victory


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail|26 June 2018|12 Shawaal 1439

A Saudi website published a poem that included unprecedented insults and pejorative descriptions of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after winning the early presidential elections.

The poem, which was published in Ajel newspaper that is affiliated with the authorities, said:

You! Manifesting a false sense of fear that will never shade your unbearable grudges
Your deceitful methods will soon be unveiled, as the deception in your manners is clear to us
Jerusalem is lost under your custody, and during the times of your rule vast lands were gone
Spare Mecca and do not interfere in it, our kings are its best keepers
Purge your country of notorious deeds, and protect it from sinners
Stop flirting with the Jews, winking with your deceitful eyes
Cut ties with the sinful Magi, who disrupted peace with their crimes
Stay away from Hamdeen, we are fed up with your sneaky cunning
Beware of the blinded and deafened Muslim Brotherhood
They nurtured your arrogance saying caliphate is your inherited right So your greed grew hysterical,
Waste not your ambitions, as the caliphate has never been a game, And leave us in peace, as we are in a safe ship whose passenger will never worry

Source – MEMO