American finds spirituality in the air in first Ramadan in the UAE


Cii radio|Ayesha Ismail|31 May 2018|15 Ramadaan 1439

Jamil Asfour, 40, a digital transformation leader from the US, is happy to find a clear sense of spirituality in the air during his first Ramdan in the UAE this year.

“People go to the mosque, and do more good deeds. I noticed that people are donating food to workers who gather in many tents around the country,” said Asfour who reached the UAE in April.

Asfour was delighted to enjoy his first iftar party in the UAE in the initial days of Ramadan. “My friends invited me over and I enjoyed having iftar with their family. They served certain beverages, appetisers and desserts, which were really delicious.”

He noticed that though the work hours are shorter, people work longer and productivity is higher than expected in the country during Ramadan, which is good.

It is nice that family and friends follow the same timing during Ramadan.

“The beautiful thing about Ramadan is that we all gather to eat at the same time, which is not usually the case during other months because of the different work hours.”

He liked the festive lights and lanterns on the streets and the decoration at the malls across the UAE.

However, the most delightful aspect of Ramadan is something personal.

“The most interesting aspect about Ramadan is that you get to do more self-reflection, more community service and remember your blessings!”

He does not find any difficulty in fasting. “Fasting is hard during the first two days only. Then your body is accustomed to it and you remember that you are fasting. The main change is timing during the holy month. I read the holy Quran before iftar and do my errands after Taraweeh prayers,” Asfour said.

Source – Gulf News