Scores of children in Yemen on the verge of death due to famine


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 07 March 2018| 19 Jumadul Ukhra 1439

Dozens of children trapped in the Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen are on the verge of death due to famine.

Heartbreaking pictures emerged of the suffering children looking frail and weak on various social media platforms.

Despite the criticalness of the situation, the Houthis continue to jeopardize humanitarian aid attempts.

Thousands of families are unable to provide basics such as bread and milk for their children.

Critical cases
According to humanitarian activists, malnutrition has spread like wildfire among children in seized areas, especially in the Haffash directorate in al-Mehweet governorate north of Yemen.

Dozens of children will die if immediate action is not taken, they added. Other diseases have also begun to emerge among the population.

The Houthi militia have been tampering with available humanitarian aid, selling it on the black market and distributing the products among themselves, said the activists.

The activists continued to call on international humanitarian organizations to save the children.

Source – Al Arabiya