Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 21 February 2018| 05 Jumadul Ukhra 1439

Milk allergies affect babies too, and is the most common food allergy in infants and young children.

Statistics have also shown that about 2.5 percent of children under three years old are allergic to milk, according to the US Food Allergy Research and Education organization, with symptoms ranging anywhere from vomiting and nausea to diarrhea and hives.

But now, a Dubai-based farm has provided the solution with the world’s first camel milk-based baby formula.

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk and Products ‘Camelicious’ unveiled the product at Gulfood 2018, a food and beverage commodity expo that is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre until February 22.

Saeed Juma Bin Subaih, General Manager of Camelicious, said: “We have always been committed to engage in the innovation drive that our wise leadership is pursuing to transform the UAE, and Dubai in particular, to an international innovation platform in all fields.”

The camel milk formula was designed for babies and infants between the ages of one and three years old, and is expected to hit the shelves of the UAE in the next few months, before going global.

“Camel milk represents an integral part of the Arabic and Islamic culture in general, and the UAE culture and heritage in particular. This milk is genuinely complements the UAE values and traditions that are handed down from one generation to another,” said Bin Subaih.

Mutasher Awadh Al Badry, deputy general manager at Camelicious, explained that this product, “contains ten times more iron than found in other types of milk … and helps to strengthen the blood, protect children from anemia, and provide their bodies with vital minerals needed for daily life.”

Camel milk contains a high proportion of vitamin C, which is one of the most important vitamins to maintain the health and strength of the bodily immune system. It helps to protect against infections of various types including viral and bacterial infections.

It also contains Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, rich in thiamin that is higher than the same element found in sheep, goat or cow milk.

Source – Gulf News


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