Less than 80 days before Cape Town’s water runs out


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 23 January 2018| 05 Jumadul Ula 1439

Day Zero is coming closer and closer, with the day that Cape Town taps run dry now being put at 12 April. With the city’s feeder dams sitting at just 27.2% of capacity, there are fewer than 80 days till the water runs out.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille on Monday met with National Disaster Risk Management officials in preparation of the day taps will be turned off.

There’s been lots of rhetoric, but no specific details of exactly what will happen on Day Zero.

“The third workstream has been safety and security. We’ve had a presentation on 120-page plan which has been really intense and looking at every aspect. First of all intelligence, there’s a big, big section on intelligence.”

Premier Helen Zille has written to President Jacob Zuma calling for the declaration of a national disaster, saying that the drought in the Western Cape has escalated “from a threat to an imminent crisis”.

Zille is confident that this declaration will streamline processes to mitigate the effects of day zero.

She reiterated that the provision of bulk water supply is a national competency and that local government is responsible only for the cleaning and delivery of water.

Zille also that emphasised Day Zero can be prevented, if residents drastically reduce their water use to below 50 litres per person per day.

Here are a few ways to save water around the house:

  • Reuse Water as Much as Possible. Rather than permitting water to go down the drain after washing dishes, use dishpans and take the rinse water outside to pour on vegetable plants or even use it to flush the toilet.
  • Post reminder notes over all your sinks, beginning with the kitchen.
  • Place a cup and refillable water bottle in the bathroom for tooth brushing.
  • Consider using paper plates and cups to minimise washing
  • Get a tank outside your home that you can use to collect rain water

Extract – EWN