Cii Radio| 19th January 2018|2nd Jamādul Ulla 1439

790 days of indefinite detention

After 790 days of unjust detention, judgement has been handed down in our daughter Yumna’s case.

She has been unfairly and falsely accused of supporting different political groups, which she vehemently denied.

Inspite of her dismissing these false charges and without any evidence being presented for these accusations against her, she has been sentenced to three years and two months.

Through the grace of Allāh, the two-years and two-months that she has spent in detention has left her with a remaining one-year to serve.

A message from Hafitha Yumna, following the pronunciation of her sentence: “Today I stand in your court, tomorrow, we will all stand in the court of Allah.”

We thank you for your fervent support throughout these daunting times, and we humbly request your duaa that Allah reunites her with her family sooner than expected, as He is the All-Powerful.

(Moulana ) ( Nazir Desai and family)

Port Elizabeth


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