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Cii Projects Notice
22 November 2017

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Your Amanah that you trusted upon me alhamdulilah.

Every penny accounted for.

Today I paid the last of the hospital bill for Rohingya patients.

What we spent your money on:

– medicine for rohingya
– medical camps
– hospital beds
– ambulance cross to take refugees to hospital from the camps
– operations
– over 6000 blankets, mosquito nets and chatai distributed
– over 4000 food parcels distributed
– thousands of patients assessed and supported
– hundreds of wells pledges
– over 2000 shelters ready to make
– medical clinic set up
– 100 schools in the process of been set
– hot food distribution to thousands

We were able to provide 30 operations and we will also be supporting several medical projects as well as long term projects in’shaa’Allah.

In’shaa’Allah I will concentrating on long term projects, because this is what is needed, assessments and advice by both charities (who know what they are talking about) and the Rohingya refugees.

I will only be organising emergency food and blanket distribution, otherwise donations raised and spent on will be towards the following:

– shelters (I will release the information for this soon, I will guarantee these shelters are the best and no one can compete in the quality and durability of these)
– schools as education is the key to the future of the Rohingya
– equipment and resource building of local hospitals as well supporting a new field hospital
– capacity building and training for existing medical staff
– toilet and shower facilities for men and women
– deep wells tube wells are useless and waste of money

Get in touch if you want to support in’shaa’Allah

Cii Projects & Syria Relief
Report submitted by Atiqur Rahman

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