Same date,same amazing line up just a different venue #Durban #2CityNasheedTour


Cii Radio|Ayesha Ismail|16 November 2016|26 Safar 1439

The venue for the Durban leg of the 2 City Nasheed Tour has been changed to Crescent Girls High School, however, the date and time still remains the same.

This is due to the uncertain and unusual weather pattern Durban has been experiencing lately. There is no change in the Pretoria event.

Can I still buy tickets?
Yes, tickets are available at the price of R300. The ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ deal is still on but for a limited time only, thereafter price of R300 will be restored.

Why the need to raise funds?
All proceeds from the 2 City Nasheed Tour will go towards the Syria Education Campaign. The sad reality is that as many as a million children have been orphaned by more than six years of war in Syria, with either one or both parents killed.

The UN has warned against the dangers facing children without parents – such as lack of education, trafficking and being indoctrinated by armed groups.

Many children are living in orphanages being run by local charities both inside Syria and abroad. These children are forced to work to get by every day.

They live a life of poverty and hardship, but awarding them an education will open doors for them and help eradicate the poverty from their lives.

Syria’s once-proud education system, its pupils and teachers, has suffered terrible punishment since the country’s nightmare descent into crisis and conflict began. International humanitarian law, which declares that schools be respected as zones of peace and safe havens for children, has counted for little. The long-term consequences for children – and their place in the Syria of the future – can only be guessed at.

“The situation is terrible but we must give Syrian children hope, above all in education,” says Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa. “We simply cannot allow an entire generation of children and adolescents to be lost to ignorance, exploitation, despair and radicalisation.”

Let’s make a difference. How?
Support the Syria Education Campaign by donating generously or buy a ticket to attend the 2 City Nasheed Tour being held in Durban and Pretoria.

How do I buy a ticket?
1) At Cii offices – Durban (031 940 5244) and Johannesburg (011 494 7000)

2) At the Cii Stores – Shop U25, Upper level – Trade Route Mall,Lenasia. 011 852 0097

3) Online – Click here to be directed to online bookings 

4) Via EFT – Banking Details
Bank : FNB
Acc : Cii Projects
Acc no: 626 991 40936
Br Code: 250 655
Ref: (mobile Number) SYR TIC
Price per ticket: R300
N.B. Remember to email proof of payment to

For any enquiries feel free to call the Cii Projects hotline on 084 452 7000