Morgue waiting time affecting Muslim burials to be reduced, says WC Health Dept

3d rendering of a macabre autopsy room

Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail|15 November 2017| 25 Safar 1439

The Western Cape Health Department says that it has managed to significantly reduce waiting times for Muslim bodies at two mortuaries in Cape Town.

Forensic pathology services have been experiencing a backlog over the past few months due to what the department says has been a spike in unnatural deaths, combined with understaffing and a shortage of equipment.

The Muslim Judicial Council had raised concern, because the delays have negatively affected burials.

The Western Cape Health Department’s Marika Champion says that the turnaround time for Muslim bodies has been reduced by 50% at both the Salt River and Tygerberg mortuaries.

“Through adding extra resources and partially due to a fluctuation in case load, we have managed a reduction of 50%. This indicates 3.5 days from admission to release of the body.”

About a month ago, the Muslim Judicial Council called a meeting with officials to discuss the backlog at forensic pathology services.

It was impacting on Islam’s customary 24-hour burial procedure.

Champion says that unnatural deaths related to violence adds significant pressure on autopsy services and remains of grave concern

Source – EWN News