There’s now a breathalyser test For Malaria


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 07 November 2017| 17 Safar 1439

Scientists have developed a breathalyser test for malaria.

It’s an advancement that could fast-track efforts to eliminate the disease.

Missouri biologists have road-tested a technique that senses the malaria parasite in samples of -infected people’s breath.

The results, outlined at a conference in Baltimore, are built on an Australian discovery that malaria sufferers exhale high levels of certain chemicals.

The test could accelerate diagnosis because the chemicals spike at very early stages of infection when other techniques can fail to detect the parasite.

The new approach also offers a cheap alternative to lab-based DNA or blood analyses and finger-prick tests which can diagnose malaria in the field, but lack sensitivity and are losing reliability as the parasites mutate.

Source – News 24