Is that a horse burger?

Buyer woman chooses chopped meat in a shop

Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 06 November 2017| 16 Safar 1439

Study finds horse DNA in 10% of meat dishes in Mexico

A study in Mexico has found horse DNA in almost 10% of the ground beef and meat dishes served or sold in public markets, butcher shops, street stalls and taco stands in five Mexican cities.

Researchers at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Mexico’s National Autonomous University analysed 433 samples of steak, ground beef and prepared meat dishes from businesses.

The highest percentage of horse DNA was found in ground beef sold at stalls, street markets or food stands, although less than 1% of vendors acknowledged selling horse meat.

Horse DNA was not found in supermarket meat.

While horse meat itself is not illegal in Mexico, horses are often given medications which are not approved for animals being raised for food.

Source – News 24