What’s that the buzz in the air?


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 03 November 2017| 13 Safar 1439

Fathima: Can you hear something?
Jamila: Yes it’s a buzzzz kind of sound right?
Fathima: That’s right… but what is it?
Jamila: Fatima, That buzz is everyone talking about the 2 City Nasheed Tour…

Yes! The 2 City Nasheed tour is the event on everyone’s lips.

What’s the 2 City Nasheed tour about?
It’s the biggest nasheed event taking place this December featuring local as well as International artists and its taking place in Pretoria (03 December and Durban(02 December)

Why the need for this event?
The event is in aimed at raising funds that will be directed towards education for the many Syrian children bearing the brunt of the conflict. With their country in turmoil for what looks to be the foreseeable future, education will be vital in helping the children of Syria rebuild the pieces of their shattered lives and land.

Cii Projects have partnered with Syria Relief UK who currently has an education project underway. Syria Relief’s Education Program is expanding rapidly with 70 schools that have requested support currently on the waiting list. Without it, they may be forced to close, leaving thousands of children with no education, endangering their safety and their future.

The situation is getting worse. Official Lebanese statistics have revealed that 59 per cent of Syrian refugee children in the country are not attending school. The statistics of the Lebanese ministry of social welfare found that 488,832 children of school age in Lebanon, who are not Lebanese, are out of the education system.

In a press conference on the issue, Save the Children said 129,697 non-Lebanese children aged between three and six years old do not attend school.
The officials also said that there are 301,466 children between six and 15 years old who are out of school and 57,669 aged between 16 and 18. No further details were given regarding the refugee’s countries of origin.

What can we do to help?
Support the Syria education campaign, purchase a ticket for the 2 City Nasheed tour at just R300 per ticket. Not only will you and your loved ones be treated to a night of mesmerizing nasheeds but you will also be empowering the children of Syria and in turn helping these desperate refugee children turn their lives of poverty around.

How do I purchase tickets for the 2 City Nasheed Tour?
1) At Cii offices – Durban (031 940 5244) and Johannesburg (011 494 7000)

2) At the Cii Stores – Shop U25, Upper level – Trade Route Mall,Lenasia. 011 852 0097

3) Online – Visit www.nasheedsforsyria.com or Click here to be directed to online bookings

4) Via EFT – Banking Details
Bank : FNB
Acc : Cii Projects
Acc no: 626 991 40936
Br Code: 250 655
Ref: (mobile Number) SYR TIC

Price per ticket: R300

N.B. Remember to email proof of payment to Yousuf@ciiradio.com or tickets@ciiradio.com
For any enquiries feel free to call the Cii Projects hotline on 084 452 7000