Malema calls for cutting all ties with ‘apartheid’ Israel


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 03 November 2017| 13 Safar 1439

EFF leader Julius Malema has called for the closure of the Israeli embassy in South Africa and for South Africa to close its embassy in Israel in solidarity with Palestine.

At a picket outside the Israeli embassy in Pretoria on Thursday, Malema called for support for the people of Palestine in their fight against “apartheid Israel”, which, Malema said, was oppressing Palestine and depriving its people of their land.

He said this was a struggle all too familiar in South Africa.

“The EFF is not an organisation for South Africans only, the EFF represents all those who reject imperialism and colonialism,” said Malema.

“EFF represents the masses of oppressed people all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are white or black.

As long as you are fighting colonialism, as long as you are fighting imperialism, as long as you know that USA is the enemy of the people, you are a friend of the EFF.

“That madman that is a president of the USA agrees entirely with the nonsense that is happening in Palestine, the nonsense that is perpetuated by apartheid Israel.”

‘If South Africans can do it, you can do it’
Malema called on South Africans not to visit Israel and for academic institutions and businesses to cut all ties with the country until the land is returned to the Palestinians. He likened this action to the support received during apartheid when many countries placed economic and sporting sanctions on South Africa.

“If we boycott everything then they will feel the pain and go into genuine negotiations with Palestinian authorities,” he said.

Malema also called for a one-state solution. Jews and Palestinians should live under one roof, he said.

“We are living here with Afrikaners, it doesn’t matter how much we hate them, we have to live with them because they have been naturalised here.

“If South Africans can do it, you can do it.”

Source – News 24