SA is experiencing an alarming shortage of butter – Here’s how to cope


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail| 11 September 2017| 20 Dhul Hijjah 1438

It’s been a tough, dry year for many in the Western Cape with the drought that has alarmingly caused water levels to plummet. Those whose duty it is to buy family groceries will have noticed too the lack of butter in supermarket fridges. Yip, there’s a shortage!

Even though there’s a local shortage, you’ll still be able to find imported butter in supermarkets (but be prepared to come face to face with a hefty price tag!). This is all rather dismal news for keen bakers because let’s face it… what is a rich pastry without butter?! And how about your favourite icing? But before you throw out your spatulas, there’s hope!

Below are simple changes you can make while baking during the butter shortage:
1. If the recipe calls for melted butter, swap it out with any melted fat – coconut oil or vegetable oil. If softened butter is required (eg. ‘cream butter and sugar together’), it is best to use a vegan margarine like Flora, Cardin or Ole.

2. Substitute half the amount of butter in a baking recipe with mashed avocado. It works well with muffins! (Use this method while avocados are in season otherwise, you’ll also be paying through your nose for them).

Source – Food 24